Experimenting with different styles

At the beginning of April I made a list of things I wanted to draw and that I enjoyed seeing in print. Which mainly consisted of things like insects and florals.

The idea was to inspire more art that was more my style and in hopes to create some new prints!

This is a really simple sketchbook spread but it turned out to be one of my favourites yet as it was so different to my usual process of watercolours and fine liner.

- I used prisma colour pencils for these sketches.

I’ve been trying out digital work too with the wacom centiq, creating patterns from the sketches in the sketchbook. I scanned and traced some of them. I was originally thinking of creating some notebooks with these designs but haven’t found the right supplier yet so maybe in the future months!


12th - 14th:

Matt and I went to visit his brother & sister in law’s new home in wales for the weekend.

We visited Tenby for the first time and loved seeing all the coloured houses. We walked around some little souvenir stores, played a few games in an arcade then ended the day with dinner at a burger diner in the centre of town.

one of the days was spent mostly at the beach and brought a bbq which ended up turning into a little bon fire to keep us warm on the beach. Despite how the photos look it was actually super cold and windy all weekend.


creating patterns

In keeping with the start of the month’s experimenting with different medias I took out some old art supplies and spare sheets of paper and started painting.

I spent a couple of days working with different brighter bolder colours and trying out different combinations of patterns to ultimately leave me with a wall full of new ideas.

I love how the leafy patterns turned out the most, I’ll be sharing more of what I use these for in future posts.

- I mainly used acrylics here, oil pastels and gold leaf flakes.

ap1 .JPG
feb blog

FEBRUARY: Experimenting with new art, visiting cafe’s & florists, commissions and lots and lots of flowers…

You may have noticed a few changes happening here on my website and my Instagram. I’ve been adding a few personal touches to my blog and theme of the shop, like incorporating more hand drawn text and doodles.

Another thing I’ve started working on is experimenting with not just digital but other mixed media, like these flowers!

They’re actually edible flowers from Maddocks Farm Organics, they sent so many lovely colours! I’m thinking of using them again to use at our wedding next year.



I photographed a few arrangements. of the flowers on different coloured backgrounds and I love how the photos have turned out. I made this “you are loved” image for Feb 14th as a digital experiment.

That then inspired these larger prints. One thing I’ve wanted to start doing is to have hand embellished limited edition prints in my shop and these peachy coloured floral prints with white hand drawn detailing, will be going up with the new product release coming soon!

you are loved print
feb coffee

Exploring new shops

Lately I’ve wanted to check out more independent stores and cafes near where I live along with venturing into Birmingham more, as I live so close but rarely ever go!

If you’re in Birmingham anytime soon definitely check out Wayland’s Yard , I first went there fore a Flock & Form social event in December and made sure to go back to try their coffee and breakfast - I can confirm it was pretty amazing!

Another place I’ve been meaning to visit is Isherwood & Co, a lovely little florist and plant store just outside of Birmingham city centre. I can admit they are the cause of my new obsession with dried flowers. I picked up a couple of bunches that I LOVE and so ready to go back and add more to my growing collection!


Throughout February and March, I’ve been completing lots of lovely commissions and receiving the kindest feedback from customers! For a little while I won’t be taking on commissions as I’m working on making new art, I’ll reopen a few spaces again soon which I’ll announce on my instagram in due time!

Here’s a couple of my favourite commissions that I painted, I love how these little rabbits turned out! Their names are “Snowy and Porridge”.

early stages of new art

Lastly I’ve been working in my sketchbook more, painting little doodles, flowers and insects. I’ve been trying to make my art brighter and more fun by using oranges and yellows.

These are all initial ideas and designs for new prints and products. One of the things I'm looking into making is gift wrap, I had a few requests for gift wrap and it’s something I’d love to stock in my shop. So I’ve been creating lots of little paintings and drawings that could potentially make the final cut for my gift wrap designs!

A new favourite spot I’ve been stopping by to sit and draw somewhere that isn’t my house, has been Procaffeinate. They serve up BIG cups of coffee which I appreciate a lot and have such a cosy vibe in their cafe.



I’m planning on making this a regular post, a collection of photos from behind the scenes that’ll be more lifestyle themed. I’d love to give more of an insight to trips, current favourites and more of the process behind my work so this seemed like the best place to share that!
Read on to see some of what I got up to in January…



I decided to kick off January organising and deep cleaning my office. I really wanted my space to be more practical as I quickly realised in December that I needed extra space to work and process orders. So that meant another desk, conveniently this one fits perfectly under the window along side the current desk.
Now I have a space for packaging orders and it doubles up as a good photography area as it’s directly under the window!

With rearranging the office I wanted to give it some new life, so I decided to do a little shopping for some new homeware. I managed to come back with a few pieces to store some of my art supplies, along with some coupe champagne glasses from a charity shop (not for my office but I couldn’t resist)!

I’ve made a few other little changes that I’ll be sharing soon in a mini studio tour that’s planned for February, so look out for that!

desk jan blog.jpg
office decor JBLOG.jpg


My birthday was on 21st Jan but it seemed to last a whole weekend as it was full of lovely surprises.
I don’t normally do much to celebrate but Matt seemed to have other plans this year by ordering fresh doughnuts to be delivered on the Friday and then surprised me with a trip to the Peak District where we stayed in a little shepherds hut with a log burner fire. Which made it super cosy with it being so cold in January.

peak district jan blog.jpg


If you didn’t know already Matt and I got engaged in September last year and once Christmas was over we finally had some time to start planning for our wedding! - 0r at least start by doing some research.

We visited a few venues over a weekend and we haven’t quite found what we're after yet but we at least have a good idea of what we want now and also how much is involved in planning a wedding! I might keep adding little wedding updates in future photo diaries, let me know if that’s something you’d like to see more of!

wedding jan blog.jpg

Until next time…

That’s the end to my short but sweet January behind the scenes, I’d love to hear what you think of this new feature, so let me know in the comments or over on my Instagram !